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Are you struggling to get clients from your website?

Learn how to create a strategic (not just pretty) Showit website that will attract and convert dream clients for you.

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Is Your Website Pretty But Useless?

Isabel Kateman sitting on a blue couch with her laptop
  • You want to charge more, but you don't know how to get clients to buy at a higher price

  • You know your website needs more strategy, but you're not sure exactly what that means

  • You're embarrassed to send current clients to your website and you're not confident that it illustrates your value

  • You have no idea what content should go on each page or how to lay out your website so it's effective

Don't worry, this is exactly why I created the Mind-Reading Website Program!

You're Ready for a Website That Books Clients!

  • Imagine having a website that's optimized to attract your dream clients

  • Picture how confident you'll be with a gorgeous and effective website that allows you to charge higher prices

  • How would it feel to spend less time marketing knowing you could direct clients to a high-converting website?

  • Think about where your business could go next once you're booked out with higher-paying dream clients!

Yes, I can't wait to feel this proud of my new website!

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Renee Back - Mind-Reading Website Program Student

"The Mind-Reading Website Program takes everything you need to know about websites, from copy to design and everything in between and makes it manageable. I’m grateful for having someone explain something so difficult for me in such simple terms.

This course was sooooo much better than I expected and is worth so much more than I paid.”


Erin Detka - Mind-Reading Website Program Student

"The course goes far beyond building a strategic website. Not only did I build and craft a beautiful website, but I now have a solid marketing foundation where people can easily see if we are the right fit. 

I have learned how to engage and understand my ideal clients on a deeper level. The course helped solidify my ideal clients, my offers, my language to engage with them, and even some guidance on how to market and network my offerings."


The Mind-Reading Website Program® is open for enrollment for a very limited time!

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What You'll Learn Inside the Mind-Reading Website Program

We have six program modules that span across website strategy, copy, design, and launch.


Learn how to position your business so you offer dream clients exactly what they’re looking for and make it an easy “yes!” to book you.


Learn my site layout strategy so clients will always be led to your work with me page.


Get my copywriting secrets that will take your content from generic to captivating.


Use my easy tips for putting together your color palette so you avoid hours on Pinterest.


Use my strategic website guidelines for each page of your Showit site so you never have to guess at what content goes where.

*I teach Showit in Module 5, but the rest of the course applies to any website platform (Squarespace, WordPress, etc.)


Use my powerful SEO tips to get more dream clients landing on your website without lifting a finger.

Are you ready for a website so strategic in layout, design, and copy that when your dream client lands on it they want to hire you ASAP?


You Also Get Access to 15 Bonuses Worth Over $10,000

Mind-Reading Website Program Bonuses
  • Get your burning website questions answered LIVE each week by submitting them for our weekly coaching call

  • Find out how to get the exact words you need to attract dream clients and create an irresistible service they can’t wait to buy with Customer Research Consultant Melissa Harstine

  • Learn three things every website needs legally from The Contract Shop owner Christina Scalera

  • Use my Goldilocks Pricing Method secret formula for creating three service prices so one is "just right" for your dream clients


Want a Sneak Peek of the Program?

Check out the video below for a behind-the-scenes look at everything included in the Mind-Reading Website Program.

Praise from Mind-Reading Website® Program Students

Mind-Reading Website Program Testimonial
Mind-Reading Website Program testimonial on raising prices
Mind-Reading Website Program Testimonial
Mind-Reading Website Program Testimonial
Mind-Reading Website Program testimonial on pricing worksheet
Mind-Reading Website Program testimonial on website strategy
Mind-Reading Website Program testimonial on interviews

Meet Isabel Kateman.

Website Conversion Strategist

My zone of genius is seeing out-of-the-box solutions quickly. With a passion for organization and quintessential NY-energy, I love helping business owners wade through chaos to 
create solutions that enable them to achieve their business goals faster.

I bring a decade of multi-faceted NY agency experience across digital marketing, social media strategy, public relations, event planning, and project management with international companies like The Phantom of the Opera, OxiClean, and KitchenAid.

Pairing conversion psychology with marketing strategy, I'll help you create a strategic website that will take work off your plate, have you booked out with dream clients, and allow you to raise your prices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be on Showit?

Absolutely not! In fact, only about half of the course participants use Showit. The other half use a combination of Squarespace, WordPress, and Wix. Five of the six modules will help you regardless of which platform you're on. Only one module (Module 5) covers designing within the Showit platform.  

What if I've tried updating my own website before and it hasn't gone well?

Do not worry. I bring a unique approach to thinking about website design. We'll work on ensuring you have an irresistible offer and an audience first, before we dive into building your website. Doing it in this order is what will allow you to book dream clients.

I'm terrible at copywriting! Help?

Not to worry! My copywriting tips and section by section guides for each page will have you whipping up irresistible, high-converting copy with ease. Say goodbye to staring at a blank word document!

Do I need a design or coding background?

Absolutely not! The reason I teach the Showit platform is because it's a very easy to use drag-and-drop editor. A lot of elements that you'd need to code on another platform happen with the click of a button inside Showit. Plus, it's hosted on WordPress so you get the benefit of WordPress blog SEO without all the WordPress drama (like plug-ins and updates)!

When does the program begin?

You'll have access to our private Facebook group and all of the program content immediately. You also get lifetime access to the program so there's no such thing as being behind!

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, you can join for a one-time fee of $997 or three payments of $375.  

How much access do I have to you?

My team and I are in the Facebook group on a regular basis and are happy to answer any questions you have there. I also host weekly Office Hours calls on Thursdays at 1pm ET/10am PT where you can feel free to presubmit your questions ahead of time or bring them to the call live (first come, first served basis). Even if you can't make the call, we'll answer your question. Every call is recorded so you can watch them anytime. 

Do I have to finish the program in a certain amount of time?

You have lifetime access to the program content so you never have to feel rushed or behind. You can go at your own pace and ask questions about any module at any time.

Are you ready to have a website you're proud of and can't wait to send clients to?

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Here's What Our Current Clients Have to Say...

Elizabeth Johnson - Striped Dog Creative Client

"Other designers were so wishy-washy with what they could provide for me and I needed someone to tell me what I need and how to make my website more user friendly and you did just that!

I sold out of my tasting boxes within 10 minutes and have 55 people on my waitlist!

Hiring Isabel from Striped Dog Creative was the best investment I’ve made so far in my business!!!”


Ali Tedeschi - Striped Dog Creative Client

"I had no knowledge of what an important role strategy plays in building a website.

"Isabel really listened to what I was trying to accomplish, and now my website flows with purpose–I immediately saw results from the strategic copy and SEO she put in place (six new client inquiries within a few days of launching!) and have received tons of compliments about how beautiful it is.”


Bea Porter - Striped Dog Creative Client

"I feel confident sending people to my website and think it truly expresses who we are now. You offered me industry insight into how to better manage clients and my business moving forward.”


Christina Pirolli - Striped Dog Creative Client

"Isabel took every opportunity to help me design the site of my dreams. She left nothing to question, I felt confident every step of the way.

She was organized and laid everything out in a way that was easy for me to follow and complete.”


Erika Stewart - Striped Dog Creative Client

"I feel so relieved that I finally have the site of my dreams!

It is exactly what I have been trying to chase for years.The layout, the branding colors, and the flow is everything I could have wished for and more! Forever grateful for Isabel!”


Margaret Batting - Striped Dog Creative Client

"I decided to work with Isabel because of her marketing strategy background coupled with being a designer.

The strategy was critical for me. My previous website had way too much copy and was overwhelming. She helped me to focus on key messaging that will attract my ideal clients and get rid of all the rest. 

Isabel made my site effective AND attractive.”


Learn how to create a strategic (not just pretty) website that will attract and convert dream clients.